An enlargement of the most beautiful effect! The hair salon Dessange has expanded its area for more relaxing space, pole of creation, massage and others.
The lighting retrofit was significant and demand for Gilles Reynaud was to highlight the magnificent marble staircase which serves 3 floors …
The solution is quickly established, and without testing, we decided to custom made chandelier of 7.9 m high by 90 cm wide with 3 shades of different length
A DMX power supply with LED Cob 60W RGB + White can manage pastel colors via a programmable touch interface.
Climbing stairs, through the opening covered by a plexiglass diffusing was illuminated with LED cool white 60 LED meter.
The exterior sign was put in claims with a simple overturned rail LED cool white 60 LED meter.
The facade was embellished by 5 RGB LED panel IP 67 to illuminate the building height

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