A local 1000m² to accommodate children? Who had this crazy idea ?? Cyril, the manager, had thought of the idea for several years but to achieve this entertainment park for children from 0 to 12, he had to find a local …
Once found the building, the question arose: how to light, and sound to give life and joy to this place of fun and relaxation?
The chosen solution was to install 8m high, 37 DMX RGB spotlights 120 w each to zoning (10 lighting zones adjustable at will) light and make it more “jungle” this grim local …
An arch was installed to illuminate the scene, and some simple effects to the beat of the music allows children to have fun on the wild music of DJ Cyril!
Touch a DMX controller to adjust the 10 zones of the desired color without the risk of “crash” (no computer).
The sound of the establishment is divided into 2 areas, stage (amplified 2.1 system) and dining (8 broadband speakers).

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