The company IBS Son & Lumière was created in October 1996 .
The idea is to create a store in the chablais to arouse the interest of all in the field of sound , light and video .
Local , instead of Crete, quickly became cramped , and will move to IBS 2000, 40 avenue de Genève to Thonon .
In August 2006 , Christophe Luzège , store manager , took over its management . On 1 March 2012 , IBS went into its new offices of 450 m² in area Anthy sur Leman , to better meet the growing demand in our field. On 1 September 2015 , the event equipment taking more and more space , IBS will rent the premises of its neighbor (150 m²) for storing all of the aluminum structure (over 200 m ) and lifting the scenes and work areas.

IBS' Services

Today, IBS continues more than ever in its philosophy to meet the requirements and satisfy its customers through these three keywords :
EXPERIENCE : Selection of brands according to their reliability and performance . The service is an inconvenience for everyone, which is why we only work with products and importers able to respond quickly in case of malfunction .
SERVICE : Today this word is very important to us. Indeed one must train the customer on equipment, troubleshoot and quickly replace a defective product.
TIP: Choice of material , suitable products for your application. Assessment on the versatility of using your equipment and your operation.